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Did you know that there are lots of different types of online trading software out there? There has to be, considering how much trading is now done online. Software that lets you trade, software that helps you trade, even software that trades for you. It really is amazing what’s out to use trading Forex. I’m going to talk to you today about some of the online trading software types you can find.


What Is Online Trading?

Online trading is the use of the internet to trade commodities, in this case currencies on the foreign exchange or Forex market. Not all that long ago there weren’t very many people in the world who could trade on Forex. Most of the trading was done by huge banks and giant corporations, governments, and investment companies. The only kind of foreign exchange trading you or I could really do was to exchange a currency when we were going on a vacation to a different country. Online trading changed all of that. Now anyone can open up an account with a broker online and start trading on Forex from the comfort of their own living room. The market is open to anyone who wants to be a part of it, and the internet, along with the Forex trading software that’s available, makes it easy for anyone to get involved in Forex trading.


What Is Online Trading Software?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s software that allows you to and/or assists you in trading online. There are different categories of online-trading-software:


Trading Platforms

This is software that’s used to actually trade with. It’s the program that you use to connect to your broker, see your charts, place your orders and interact with the market. This is the software that makes online trading possible – your broker will provide you with a trading platform that allows you to trade with them. They’re the backbone of online trading.


FOREX Indicators

Indicators are pieces of software that analyze market data in various ways to find patterns in the market that can be exploited by traders in order to make a profit. They’re a tool to help you develop and maintain your trading strategy. They’ll look for specific trends or movements in prices and help in showing you where opportunities to make profitable trades are in the market. They’re another huge part of what makes online Forex trading possible for you and me sitting at home. In the past, only the big players could afford the type of analysis that these indicators provide. Now simple little programs that you can purchase (or sometimes even find for free) and download in no time flat can provide the same sort of advantage that formerly only huge banks could get by paying analysts vast sums of money to study the market.


Trading Robots

Online trading software doesn’t only exist to help you trade, there is also software out there that will actually trade for you. This is called algorithmic trading – the use of algorithms to simulate the way that a human trader would respond to market data. They’re a form of artificial intelligence – the good ones are developed by teams of programmers and mathematicians and traders who study the way that a person would react in any given trading situation and then write algorithms that allow their software to do the same thing under the same conditions. Today over 70 per cent of trading by even the biggest institutions in the world is done by these trading robots as opposed to human traders. And they’re not just out there for the banks and investment firms to use – they’re available to anyone. Some, in fact the majority, aren’t very useful, if they’re even useful at all. But if you do your homework and shop carefully you can find very good automated trading software that can do things you wouldn’t find possible yourself – like trade for 24 hours a day, all over the world. Or execute a trading strategy without being affected by emotional considerations, panic or greed. These robots are configure for various different purposes. Some will do straight day trading. Some will use a scalping strategy – buying and selling currencies over tiny time intervals, often just a few seconds. Others are designed for arbitrage – the trading between two different brokers to take advantage of delays in price changes on one of them. In all cases, you just set up your parameters and let it fly.

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