Can you answer these questions?

Correctly answering them will mean the difference between consistently making money on Forex and losing your deposit

And it's not as simple and straight-forward as you may think, especially the last one.

Can you answer these simple questions definitively? Or do you just “think” you know the answer?

  • Where do you think Forex prices originate?
  • Do you actually know where your money goes to¬†when you open a position on Forex? Does it even go anywhere?
  • Why do you think most popular trading systems invented in the past, like Moving average crossover or Elliott Wave, don’t work on Forex the way they are described?
  • Why is trading just on the news and fundamental analysis, without confirming technical analysis, a sure way to kill your deposit?
  • Why do you think 95% of all beginner traders lose their money and never come back to trade on Forex?