FOREX Solutions

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FOREX Solutions

FOREX market provides its users with various benefits: from making money to saving money. As a trader, you can make money by trading currencies on a daily basis. As an importer or exporter, you can use certain FOREX solutions in order to save money on exchange rates.

If you live in the US and need to buy equipment in Canada in a year, and if you know that US dollar is in down-trend vs Canadian dollar, you can pre-order Canadian dollars today, and after a year buy your equipment saving thousands of dollars on exchange rates.

If you are a US citizen, and would like to save money for a rainy day, it makes sense to open a Canadian dollar account and save in Canadian dollars, because long-term it is in up-trend.

Other FOREX Solutions are intended for FOREX strategy back-testing. If you are a trader, and need to back-test your trading strategy before trying it on your live account, use Strategy Tester for FOREX. This sophisticated software will let you test your strategy manually in the exactly the same way as on a demo account, but using historical FOREX data for a certain period of time.

You can place orders as you normally do, but you can stop, fast-forward, and undo your trades. This gives you an opportunity to very quickly test your strategy, concentrating only on the points when you open and close your positions. Everything else can be fast-forwarded.

You can download Strategy Tester for FOREX by clicking on the Download button below this post.

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